Virtually Notarize Online

How Does This Work?


Step 1

Pick date and time to sign
Enter signer(s) information
Upload document(s)


Step 3

Join video session with Notary
Sign documents
Pay fees and download documents


  • Web-enabled desktop or laptop with a webcam or Android, iPhone, or iPad.
  • US Drivers License or US Government-issued photo ID or US Passport
  • Last 4 digits of your Social Security Number
  • Current or previous residence address in US
  • Credit or Debit Card for payment of notary fees


$25.00 for first signature
$10.00 for each additional signature

If you don’t see a time that works for you, please text me at 844-346-7574. Maybe we can accommodate your request.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual online notarizations allow notaries and clients to meet face-to-face online, in real-time, using audiovisual technology. This is distinct from traditional, in-person notarizations, where the notary and the signers must be physically present in the same location. Multi-point, identity verification, including personal identification is used to ensure the integrity of the transaction.

Yes, it’s more secure than traditional paper notarizations and is designed to detect identity fraud. We use Notarize as our technology provider. Notarize satisfies Nevada’s strict virtual online notary law. Each virtual online notarization session is recorded and retained by Notarize for five years. Every signer’s drivers license or state issued photo ID is analyzed for authenticity. Also, the signer’s identity is authenticated using Knowledge Based Authentication.

Notarize features one of the strongest 256-bit advanced encryption standards (AES) providing powerful document and file encryption.

No, the laws of the State of Nevada permit a licensed Nevada Remote Online Notary to notarize a document for a person located anywhere in the world. The document must be for use in the United States. This eliminates the need to travel to a Notary Public’s office or pay for a Notary Public to travel to your home or office. Using us for the virtual online notarization allows you to have your documents virtually notarized in the privacy and comfort of your home or office.

Any document which can be notarized in person can be virtually notarized. However, not all entities or agencies will accept virtually notarized documents. For example, real estate deeds will not be accepted for recording in some states. Also, not all states permit their residents to virtually notarize estate planning documents such as wills or trusts. Always check with the entity or your state laws to determine which documents will be valid in your state. Virtually notarized real estate deeds can be recorded in Nevada and virtually notarized estate planning documents are valid in Nevada.